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At we value and respect your privacy and try our best to protect it.

  • At no time will you be asked to share personal information to access the site. But you will be expected to provide your name and email id if you wish to post a comment. This email id will not, however, be published on the site.
  • The email id you provide may be used to send you news feeds, to contact you for editorial purposes and to advise you of any changes on our site
  • To ensure that our site remains free of charge and does not require registration, we may from time to time display advertisements or promotions on the site. But no third party will gain access to your personal information
  • The only exception to this privacy rule is when we are required to share such information in response to a court order or are required to do so by a law enforcement agency.
  • We cannot control the actions of those who visit our site. So we would advise you to be careful about what information about yourself you share on the Net.

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