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  • Q1. What is the comment policy on

    All comments on this site are pre-moderated. There is no censorship exercised on political or ideological grounds but we reserve the right to delete comments that are:

    • Abusive, off-topic, use foul language or are libellous
    • Contain racist, religious or any other kind of slurs or derogatory remarks
    • Are mean-spirited or designed to provoke
    • Contain links or solicitations for personal blogs and websites
  • Q2. Why did my comment not appear on the site?

    It may be pending approval and this may take time especially during peak traffic hours. Or it may have violated the policy stated above and been blocked by the site administrator.

  • Q3. Why am I blocked from commenting on this site?

    If your comment falls foul of our policy or there is a consistent pattern of abuse from a particular commentator, that IP address will be blocked in the future.

  • Q4. Can I include a link in my comment?

    Comments including links to personal blogs and sites will be deleted.

  • Q5. Will my privacy be protected by this site?

    At no time will you be asked to share personal information to access the site. But you will have to provide your name and email id if you wish to post a comment. This email id will not however be published on the site though it may be used to send you news feeds, contact you for editorial purposes or to advise you of any changes on our site.

  • Q6. How do I get in touch with Vir?

    If you want to contact Vir for the purpose of sharing information, inviting him to an event or a speaking engagement or posting media enquires email him

  • Q7. How do I give my feedback on the site?

    If you have any comments, feedback or reactions to the site please mail them to

  • Q8. How do I get my advertisements or promotions placed on the site?

    If you are interested in advertising on this site email us at

  • Q9. Where do I direct any queries about rights and permissions regarding content on this site?

    For all such queries regarding content email us at

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