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Vir - some feedback on the viruousity. Was the vijay mallya the first episode? It seemed, like it was three months too late and shared the obvious. Perhaps MANDATE has raised the bar, and we expect more serious stuff, especially since you are among the few who can call a spade a spade, and also access most politicians for an interview easily.
Will keep watching it - sure it will be a winner

Posted By: Ulfat  |  Posted On: 24 Apr 2016  |  City: Shahjahanabad


 Thanks for the feedback. I hope the show gets better as time goes on.


hi, do yu have any favourites wrt cooking shows - which'd you recommend?

Posted By: Jeenal  |  Posted On: 24 Apr 2016  |  City: Surat


 I don't really watch them. 


Prince has passed away.

Somehow reminded me of Rajesh Khanna (i know all of you are laughing!).

Can we have an article on him by you, akin to your recent one on David Bowie?

Posted By: Thangakunhi  |  Posted On: 21 Apr 2016  |  City: Pallakad


  I mourn his passing. But I was never enough of a fan to be able to write something insightful or even meaningful. 


Hi Vir... who is your preferred candidate in the US Presidential election... versus who do you think has a better probability of winning... thanks

Posted By: Suresh   |  Posted On: 19 Apr 2016  |  City: Mumbai


 I think it will be Trump Vs Clinton and Hillary will win.


Hello Vir,
If I remember correctly, I read your article more than a decade ago about how the bottled water business (mafia) have prospered.
That article had a lasting impact on me that how consumer business work on fear factor.

That article have become more relevant today and will remain so for years to come as we move out from villages to cities wherein businesses are prospering from drinking water to air purifier to mosquito repellents and so on.

I will be really grateful if you can share that writing with me or if it is already available on internet, please share the link.

Further, it would be great, if you can follow-up that article considering today and future for the benefit of crores of con

Posted By: Naresh Ahuja  |  Posted On: 14 Apr 2016  |  City: Gurgaon


 Thank you. Yes, it's a good idea to do a broader piece on the subject. As for the original pieces, they are easy to find. Just google them.


City name changes: Bombay to Mumbai, Madras to Chennai, Calcutta to Kolkatta, Ahmedabad to Amdavad.....perhaps missed a few.

Now Gurgaon to Gurugram (yikes!)

All changes done by non-Congress governments, or Chaddiwala/Chaddiwala supported govts.

A reflection of their priorities when in power?

Too much of cultural/religious' In Your Face' approach?

Plain downright stupid?

Posted By: Anirban Bahety  |  Posted On: 13 Apr 2016  |  City: Vidisha


 I think it is a futile exercise. And I still use the old names out of sheer force of habit.


Hi Vir, often observed , journos dont give credit to each other but keep criticizing in their respective programs. I saw a program in Hindi by Ravish Kumar "?????? ???? : ?? ?????? ?? ?? ?? ???? ?? ?????? ??". I thought that was one of the finest n honest program I had seen in the recent times. But virtually no body credited him or written about this episode. Any thoughts

Posted By: V  |  Posted On: 11 Apr 2016  |  City: delhi


 On the contrary, I think most journalists speak very highly of Ravish. It is the viewers who don't want to watch quality programming which is why he doesn't get the ratings he deserves. 



1) Can we please have a piece from you on the impending imposition of prohibition in Bihar and Kerala, with possible TN to follow?

2) Hypothetical question: had the Chaddiwallas lost in 2014, would this (i.e. prohibition) still have happened?

3) Can such measures be challenged in court, perhaps on grounds of intruding on personal freedom and space?


Posted By: Jorge Ramirez  |  Posted On: 10 Apr 2016  |  City: Guayaquil


  No, it can't be challenged in court because it has Constitutional sanction. (It is either among the Directive Principles or something else -- I can't remember which.)
I did do a piece about the lunacy of prohibition many years ago but you are right, it is time for another one.


Has lassi (home made buttermilk) has got all the properties which Dahi has san fat

Posted By: Satish jhanb  |  Posted On: 09 Apr 2016  |  City: Bhilai


 Yes, it does, provided you use Dahi with a live culture.


can you do another column on secrets of the restaurant trade and chefs, and why the food produced by them cannot be done at home

Posted By: Trupti  |  Posted On: 09 Apr 2016  |  City: Secunderabad


 Okay. Sometime this year. 

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